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Jet Lagged Report

September 18, 2018

Jet Lagged Report

I'm back from the September stint at our Lincolnshire home in England. What is it about the Jet Lag? After being "on" for 24 hours' travel time you'd think sleeping on your bed would yield more than 5 hours of zzzzzzz's. And that the next night's sleep would not have you waking up twice feeling completely confused about your location. This happened after July house hunting trip and again this go-round, so I think that may be my pattern. At least I'll know what to expect next time, but if anyone has tips to share, please do! 

And how was it over there? We kinda forgot how much work it is to set up a new house, to be honest! (and the reason I didn't get much knitting done outside of airplanes and airports). It'll be a process for sure, as our air shipment arrived a bit later than we expected, a furniture order we placed is coming later than we hoped, and the household goods coming over on the boat are still in transit . . . none of this unique to most moves, but still little details that you forget about unless you transfer around a lot.

We were able to take a little break and head down the road to Doddington Hall 

We enjoyed this lovely 400+ years old estate with some public parts of the manor open to tour and really fabulous grounds to enjoy; and were there on the last day of an impressive summer-long sculpture exhibition.

There was a giant vegetable garden and the pumpkin patch was full in anticipation of their upcoming pumpkin picking weekend.

  Late summer crops were gorgeous! Look at the way they've pruned fruit trees to grow on the wall! Seeing the grounds in each season would be so interesting...

Everything was really, really pretty. I liked the fact that it was not at all weed-free; it felt comfortable and full of very well-established, very happy plants.

It was with a very sad heart that I said goodbye to Dear Husband. I will retun in October! Time goes fast though, and it's full-on Knitting Season in the Yarn Bar (hip hooray!) so I'm mostly too busy to dwell on emotions - there will be some ups and downs for sure. Can't imagine what it would be like without modern technology in our lives! Mike and I are figuring out best times for all communication. And every post-travel day has Jet Lag subsiding...


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