Sunday Musings


"Lazy Sunday" is a regular feature from the Mason Dixon gals and while I don't always click on what they focus on each week, I do love the Lazy Sunday reminder that clicks into my brain. In our go-go-go pace of life the regrouping that Sundays can offer seems a necessity. And as the England Adventure unfolds for Mike and me, it was interesting to see "Lazy Sunday" appear in front of our American Faces when we showed up at the local supermarket at 9:15 on our first Sunday morning there.

Said Mike as I was taking advantage of lighter Sunday morning traffic to practice my UK driving:  "Are they open?"

"Of course they are. They're open 24 hours," I said confidently, while negotiating a (backwards?) roundabout.

However, when we marveled at how few cars were in the car park and gathered our buggy to head into the store, it became very clear that the 24 hour opening had been misread. In slightly smaller letters, the Sunday hours of 10am - 4pm were written. Inconvenient? Somewhat, but we regrouped and headed out on our sightseeing adventure. Unique to the Lincolnshire part of England? I don't know.... Refreshing? Yes, absolutely. This superstore is a busy place all the time and it seems like they would also be busy on Sundays if they maintained their 24 hour schedule. But I like knowing that the supermarket encourages "Lazy Sunday" mentality by virtue of limiting their hours. We've largely gotten away from this in the states, with nearly all large stores open long hours 7 days a week. Independent shops seem to be more prone to pushing the "Lazy Sunday" attitude, thank goodness. Cheers to a day to refresh, rejuvenate, and relax. 

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