the "One That I Want" crop + more

Colorful crop tops are back (at least I hope)! I recently finished a top from the designer, Lily Kate France. The pattern was well crafted with incredible schematics leaving myself with a fairly quick project. This project has traveled around with me since the beginning of May. From being toted around in my backpack in case there was a bit of down time in the research lab, to surviving my awkward attempts at trying to learn how to crochet scallops, this top has seen it all!

Learning short rows was new for me and also a fun process! This technique is perfect for making a piece to fit to your unique body type perfectly. Now let’s talk about the designer, Lily Kate France. The English designer has many beautiful patterns such as the Lytham Sweater, the Anyday Vest and the Poisoned Apple Top. She is also studying physics, which is inspiring to me, as I am studying biochemistry.

Working hands-on in the laboratory setting was a fun change of pace for me this summer. Memories were made, and my team made great progress. Going home after a long day to relax and knit for a bit was how my top was completed! When it was up to 112 °F, I could still work on this lightweight top while attempting to cool down. Cheers to finishing new projects just in time for the school year!


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