Tiny Nip in the Air

Yikes! I've noticed two things in the early mornings during Jet Lag Recovery Mode: 1:  It is no longer getting light before 5 a.m. And 2:  This morning it was downright chilly outside, which immediately lead to the thought of possible quick projects to keep everyone warm . . . HATS.

We happen to have a darling trunk show right now that features hats and the lovely (brand new weight for us - we started with Arranmore Light!) Arranmore yarn from Fibre Co. How fun would these be for family pics at Christmastime? Pattern is Chevron Bobble Hat.


Another favorite Fibre Co. yarn, Tundra, is perfect for this nice number that I knit entirely during my travel day home from England.

For those who like time specifics, that was about 8 hours of flying time, but I took a few naps. The Fidra pattern likely kept me from needing to nap as much - very engaging to work on! If you want the pompom, and you want it made with the same yarn, you'll need two skeins of Tundra; otherwise one will do. Our pompom was created with a ball of Alpaca Superlight.

Cheers to fun and quick projects, and to the bittersweet prospect of changing seasons!


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