Family Ties Chapter One

We are very proud to be the new home of Sue's Great-Great Grandparents' kitchen table. My mom remembers it being painted grey and I have always heard tales of Grandma and Grandpa Hansen's immaculate and beautifully kept farm outside of Kansas City (Sophia came to the States from Denmark for an arranged marriage, and ended up marrying the Danish hired hand, Nels, who picked her up at the train station!). I love hearing my mom and aunt tell stories with Grandma Hansen's Danish accent interspersed. But I really, really had my interest piqued a couple of years ago when I learned that Grandma Hansen had a hole drilled into the corner of the table so that her swift could be utilized conveniently. Both table AND swift were at my Aunt Ruth's, table having been refinished and the hole neatly plugged in the process. The swift is in original condition and has clearly been well used. Table and swift are perfect in the shop; useful and beautiful now as they have always been. 








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